Interview with Neufutur Magazine

“We’re sitting down with Them Howling Bones. Let’s get right to it – What’s your story?

Mitch: Well I guess our story starts with me “Mitch” wanting to start a band in LA after getting out of school. After school I went to England for a few week to try and figure out what I was doing with my life, and realized I wanted to start a band. I cam back to LA and started looking for members, and my girlfriend at the time told me about Peter. At the time, he was in another band with our now, bass player called “Kick Rocks.” After every show, I would go up to Pete and say ‘Hey man, if you wanna start a real rock and roll band, give me a call.’ Long story short, he left his last band and we formed Them Howling Bones. After the formation of THB, Pete lived with me for two months and just wrote songs and tried to figure out the sound we were going for, up in a bungalow in the West Hollywood Hills. The bungalow was super crummy. We went through a bunch of members until we finally got the right guys for the job. We recorded our EP at ‘Bamboo Studios’ in a garage in Torrence and were lucky to get Perry Mongerloff of PIE Studios to master, which we were all extremely grateful for. We released our EP on November 4th at ‘LA Fort,’ which was a super fun show.”…

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THB Mentioned by Flyah Magazine

“Them Howling Bones are born rock stars with real musical muscle, the kind that are in all too short supply in today’s music scene. They were so destined to find each other and play together, that when they played their first gig, they didn’t even realize it was their first gig — it was that spontaneous”

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Radio Interview with KXLU

We had a blast on set at KXLU. In case you missed it, check online casino out the playlist on SoundCloud featuring the live set & interview. Scope it out!! #KXLU #GDWTGD

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Them Howling Bones’ EP Party Covered by Janky Smooth

“They played all their great songs such as Luci, Howling Man, Left for Dead, and Follow You Home. The energy these guys put off is amazing. Half the times you can’t  understand what Pedro Torres is saying on the mic between songs but it gets you fuckin pumped. Mitch Micoley melted faces with his guitar solo last night as usual. It’s so hard for me to write about these dudes with out sucking metaphorical howling bones dick. These guys are pretty much my all time favorite up and coming band in LA and I am so happy I got to be a part of this night. keep an eye out for future Howling Bones gigs.”

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Janky Smoothest Band’s for 2015- Them Howling Bones

“You can call it blues, you can call it rockabilly, you can call it rock and roll. They were all in the same classification, at one time. That’s why Johnny Cash is in both the rock and roll and country hall of fame and that’s the road Them Howling Bones are walking down.”

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New Video Review by Rebel Noise

“They pride themselves on sticking to the roots of rock and roll: meeting people, drinking, playing, getting in trouble, and learning how to get away with it. And making good music, of course. It’s not about the money, it’s about the music.”

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Them Howling Bones Mentioned by The Equal Ground

“I noticed upon my first listen to Them Howling Bones’ new self-titled album Them Howling Bones, it was apparent to me, if only for how laid back the guitars sounded, and softer gruffness of the lead singers voice, that Them Howling Bones definitely had a southwestern sound firmly ground in southwestern roots. And I was right as the L.A. based band not only has California roots, but they also have that brash ‘70s desert sound that both the Doors and Deep Purple amongst others were so fond of imbibing in. ”

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Them Howling Bones Mentioned by Lo-Pie

“Make no mistake, friends, this ain’t no 60s garage rock. “Left For Dead” is HARD ROCK of the high cheese variety; all parts locked down and working in perfect sync, this is a long mean growl of a song led by a scuzzy, bloody riff and punctuated by requisite guitar solo and heavy drums.”

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Them Howling Bones Mentioned in BayStreet

“The free show attracted new and old fans alike, and included performances of their singles “Left for Dead” and “Luci”. Although Them Howling Bones played two sets only hours apart, the sold-out crowd was entertained and ready for more.”

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LA Rockers Them Howling Bones Release First Single, “Left For Dead”

Los Angeles, CA — Oct 30, 2014 / ( — All eyes in the LA music scene have been on rock & roll purists (and blues specialists) Them Howling Bones as they transition from a killer live act making the rounds in Hollywood to a full-fledged recording artist with an international fan base. “Left for Dead” is an up-tempo rocker that is characteristic of the band’s sound, and is the perfect choice for Them Howling Bones’ lead single.The track has been made available to stream on YouTube and SoundCloud. To view their single, please visit their Re…… Read more